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This is no ordinary place.

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The Short One
11 April 1988
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ETA: Due to changing tastes in fandom, beechercreature has pretty much become my new home on LJ. FYI. So if you want to see updates, head over there. About 95% of it is public (all fic included). Any fic I write now is not posted at picklefics.

This journal is friends only. Comment here and I'll friend you.

CAUTION: There may be some vulgar language, so if that really bothers you, I'm sorry.

My fics can be found over at picklefics (public), if you so desire to check it out. A warning, though: there is a lot of gay over there, so if it's not your cuppa, you may not want to go there, because it's the majority of my works. But there are also poems, and hetero things, sometimes.
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